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Gas Leak Inspections

Access Energy is dedicated to exceeding members' and customers' expectations for safe, reliable, efficient service and environmental responsibility.

Propane is a safe, excellent energy source for your home or business. However, for maximum safety and efficiency, your propane system must be properly maintained. Access Energy Propane schedules leak inspections for our customers to help ensure the integrity of your gas system.

During leak inspections, we inspect your tank, piping, regulator, gauges, connectors, vavles, vents, pilots, and more to be sure your system is free of leaks and is operating properly. We also look for worn or damaged parts. We can teach you how to recognize the odor of propane and the steps you should take if you suspect a leak.

After each leak check, we inform you of our findings.

Contact our office today at 1-866-242-4232 to schedule a leak inspection.
Safe, Reliable, Efficient Service, and Environmental Responsibility