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dividend checks have been mailed

September 23, 2008
If you were not able to make it to the annual meeting, your dividend check has been mailed. Accounts with payments of less than $5 will continue to accumulate and will be paid in the year they reach or exceed $5.
After reviewing the operating revenues for 2007, the Board of Directors approved a dividend retirement of $685,150. The refund is applied against years 1991, 1993 and 2007. The cooperative will be paying 100% of the remaining dividends for 1991; as well as 26% of 1993, 17% of 2007. The 1993 dividends are a pass-through from Northeast Missouri Power Cooperative.
At Access Energy Cooperative, every customer is an owner of the business. Unlike other electric utilities, your co-op exists to make sure your needs are met—not to make a profit. As a member-owner, you share in the profits in the form of dividend checks. We work hard every day to keep your rates as low as possible. If you would like to know more information about dividends, check us out at
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